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Graduate Teaching Courses in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology

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The brief message below describes an interesting new course under development for those students interested in designing and teaching courses in science, engineering, and related fields. It is also a call for sharing of &q uot;intellectual capital" for mutual benefit. Are there other faculty producing similar courses? If so, it would be great to hear from you. 


Rick Reis 

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Dear Colleagues: 

As part of my sabbatical here at Michigan State University, I'm working with a Graduate Research Assistant, Olga Kritskaya, to develop a graduate course for students interested in designing and teaching courses in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (SMET) disciplines. We're collecting syllabi and tips from folks who teach similar courses, as well as from folks who are doing similar things for beginning faculty. 

We would appreciate receiving a copy of your syllabus as well as your advice on content, format, exercises, etc. that you have found helpful. Specifically, we'd like to hear about your recommendations for topics and format for a graduate teaching course in SMET disciplines, about problems you've encountered in the course you teach and your recommendations for avoiding them, and anything else you think would be helpful to us in designing this course. 

We would also appreciate if you could kindly refer us to other folks who are teaching such a course, if you know anyone. 

We will, in turn, provide a copy of the syllabus, notes, and supplemental materials that we develop; and a listing of folks who are teaching similar courses. 

Please send your materials to: 

Olga Kritskaya 
Graduate Assistant, Educational Administration 
4th Floor Erickson Hall 
Michigan State University 
E. Lansing, MI 48824-1934 


Karl Smith 
Civil Engineering 
University of Minnesota 
500 Pillsburry Drive SE 
Minneapolis, MN 55455