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Tomorrow's Teaching and Learning

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The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

(CASTL) has developed an interactive electronic environment called

WebCenter, in partnership with the American Association for Higher

Education under the direction of Dr. Barbara Cambridge, director of

campus programs at AAHE. You can register to participate at:

An example of what you can find at the site is the posting below of

notes from a breakfast discussion among research universities on

March 30--part of a CASTL event at AAHE's National Conference in

March, 2000.


Rick Reis

UP NEXT: The Urgency of Reinventing Undergraduate Education at

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Tomorrows' Teaching and Learning


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Date: April 20, 2000 11:41 AM

Author: Kathryn Hatch (

Subject: Ideas from discussion at Colloquium in Anaheim


At the 2000 Colloquium on Campus Conversations, breakfast discussions

one morning were held by institutional type. The following ideas were

generated during the breakfast conversation in response to three

prompt questions. Representatives of research universities were in

the group.

1. The first question posed was: What are particular challenges faced

by institutions of our like type in fostering the scholarship of

teaching and learning (SOTL)?

Time problems - too much already to do Campus culture doesn't include

SOTL Redefinition of faculty work Idea of SOTL "comes from outer

space" for some faculty Some faculty feel "forced" to do this (SOTL)

Administrators are resistant to SOTL--it does not benefit them

personally or professionally Campuses are not structurally prepared

to take on the SOTL as they are totally organized in research issues.

Culture changes may have to come from "on high" because individual

faculty are relatively powerless.

2. The second question posed to the group was: "What are the

particular opportunities for institutions of our like type in

fostering the scholarship of teaching and learning?"

There are resources available from big research grants for

"spillover" into SOTL. Faculty lines are now being created that are

dedicated to undergraduate improvement. Not many people do SOTL, so

there is room to be a pioneer. Because we prepare the majority of PhD

students, we have the opportunity to change their cultural ideas. We

do have Educational Researchers in Psychology,

Sociology, and Education who could collaborate with faculty on SOTL.

Perhaps we need a research agenda for teaching and learning centers

--- would foster collaboration. We have a group of faculty who

understand research design. Graduate students are a wonderful

resource as well as undergraduate TAs. Teaching centers are not

universally "powerful" on campus, but they exist. Inertias many be

great, but once the ocean liner moves, it stays moving.

3. The third question posed to the group was: "Are there ways that we

can support one another? How would we proceed?"

Need to coordinate faculty development efforts. Campus state system

incentives for cooperation. Colloquia at AAHE for this type of

discussion More opportunities to share with other research

universities Open up a thread on the Webcenter for this topic - call

it SOS for Share Our Strategies.